own a part of the tradition ...

Have your very own engraved brick on our terrace. It's a permanent place for you, your family, or your group's name at The Coug.

Our bricks come in two sizes, 4x8 inches and 8x8 inches. The amount of lines and characters differ depending on the size.

Type your message from a standard keyboard with English or Greek letters (press Alt+Enter to switch between the languages). 

Bricks feature 1/2 inch deep engraving that are glazed with light grey mortar to prevent chipping and fading over the next 85 years or so!

Additionally, with the purchase of your bricks you will also receive a $50 Gift Card (with the 4x8 brick) or a $100 Gift Card (with the 8x8 brick) to The Coug. 

Order your piece of The Coug today!